At I.B. Your Paralegal we were truly surprised to receive the most caring and professional handling of the landlord and tenant matter. They do not make lame excuses;  they do not procrastinate. If they take the case, they handle it like you are the most precious client they ever had. (Samira)   

Ivetta is an exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced, and attentive to details professional in all the cases she handles (even difficult ones). She has always been very responsive, clear in communication, positive and patiently answered all my questions and offered appropriate solutions. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the service I have received. I would strongly recommend I.B. Your Paralegal! (Iryna)

I am very thankful to Daria and Evgenii, legal assistants at I.B. Your Paralegal, who were extremely helpful in answering all my inquiries (phone calls and emails) in a prompts manner.  Their work dedication, customer service skills, professionalism and business ethics are unparallel. (Chui)

Paralegal is the most difficult job, which requires to be sure that all tasks have been handled in an effective and timely manner.  This is beyond the power of many who work in this area.  But my family was lucky to meet a true professional and a wonderful person who understands all the tasks and can perform them efficiently and in a very short time.  This professional is Ivetta Balayants.  This is a great woman who knows her job and will do it at the highest level.  I’m very grateful for all the assistance provided, and I recommend services offered at I.B. Your Paralegal to anyone who needs a real professional... (Olena)

My family suffered a tragic loss which forced my grandmother to permanently move to Canada to help supervise my little brothers, this was a difficult case, to begin with; and I needed someone who not only knew the field well but would be understanding of our financial hardships. I was referred to I.B.Your Paralegal through a colleague of mine who has successfully dealt the company in the past. All the company employees were professional, completed everything on time. Moreover, they took our situation close to heart and treated us like a family all throughout and after the application process. They helped my family tremendously and went above and beyond to do it. My special thanks to Timur and Daria. We greatly appreciate your help and highly recommend Ivetta and entire I.B Your Paralegal family. (Andre)

I would like to thank you for all you did for us. Not only you provided us with your excellent service but you also went beyond and above: You helped us to collect and submit the right documents, you always kept us informed, you were giving us excellent professional advice and always stayed on top of our case making sure we reach our goal. You are a very hardworking, goal-oriented and very knowledgeable person who was there for us day and night or even weekends. I can not still believe that you did what you did, thank you so much for extraordinary service and support. I wish you many winning cases and happy clients. (Larisa)

Once we had our first consultation, we understood that would like to cooperate with Ivetta (I.B. Your Paralegal). Ivetta is a true professional in her field and just a wonderful person. She is very responsible in her work and individually approaches each client. We are very grateful to Ivetta for the service provided. (Elizabeth)

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”


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